Struts based Framework

ImageDas struts based Framework stellt Komponenten für das Erstellen von Struts basierten Applikationen zur Verfügung. Beispiele für jede dieser Komponenten geben einen einfachen Einstieg in die Verwendung des PFStruts Frameworks. PFStruts steht nicht in Konkurrenz zu Struts sondern erweitert Struts in Bereichen, in welchen das Struts Framework von Apache nur Basisfunktionalitäten und nicht konkrete Lösungen zu Verfügung stellt.

GFW Framework

ImageThe GFW-Framework is a easy to use generic approach to build up distributed Business Objects which handles its persistency in a Java n-Tier environment. No knowledge of CORBA or SQL is necessarily for building complex distributed applications with java. The whole effort can be invest to the client applications and the business logic on the server which is well encapsulate from the underlying framework.
Business Objects can be mapped to any relational Databases by defining its entities in a XML configuration file. Some global behaviour and properties like formatting of values, editable restrictions or complex validation polices can also be defined in this XML file. Business Objects can be extended from the generic base Business Objects with some specific business logic. To get type saved data from the Business Objects, get- and set methods can be created for each Business Object, which will be placed in a specific base class for this Business Object.
To send a client request or receive a request from the server, each transfer object can be serialised as XML. Because of this and the usage of the “Connector Pattern” the client can connect to different servers like CORBA, RMI, socket or run locally without any CORBA stub and skeleton. This minimises the development time, because the client and the server can run on the same machine in the same Java VM.
Structured Business Objects can be saved, inserted or updated without writing any line of code. Complex queries can be easily define with XML. No SQL is needed. Because of using XML to describe the information that will be send over the wire, you lose the type safety of this data. However the Framework around the wire solve this problem by using XML-Formatter and –Loader that are responsible for this issue.